1-5. August 2022.

“We've been on this trek for over fifty years now. Let's hope we never arrive.”

Ake Nordin
Founder of Fjällräven
1936 - 2013 

Fjällrävens Mission is to inspire more people to take a walk with nature. We do this by developing durable and functional Outdoor Equipment that never goes out of fashion. What Fjällräven really want is to make it easier for people to enjoy spending time in nature, on nature ́s term. The more time we spend in nature, the more we grow appreciation, love and respect for it.

Building on the inspiration and magic behind the Fjällräven Swedish Classic, we launched the Fjällräven Vandortura in 2014. This unique adventure not only taps into our Swedish history, but builds community and long-lasting memories for all who attend this epic journey. Travel through Hungarian countryside and enjoy the company of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts and enjoy nature.Our goal is to inspire and enable more people to get outside and appreciate nature. 

Vandortura logo


The Fjällräven hiking tour is a 5 day long special treat across the spectacular landscape of the Balaton-Uplands. With this hiking event, we aim to bring the tradition of hiking back to life because every second spent in nature is the biggest gift we can reward ourselves with. If you are interested in hiking across Hungary grab the possibility of joining our community so you can hike the Balaton-Uplands with fellow nature enthusiasts. Spending several nights in nature, sleeping in tents is a such a defining experience which enhances the body and revives the soul.

The Fjällräven hiking tour takes 5 days to complete with specific distances each day. . The hike has two basic rules, the first is that everybody has to carry their own equipment and everyone has to sleep in a tent each night on designated campsites. There is no time limit, this is not a race. Just take your time, enjoy nature and have fun!

Vándortúra TV in Classic style

Balázs Gudics, the owner of the “Bazsi Túrák” Youtube channel, created the Vándortúra TV. In a 3-part series he will cover the most beautiful parts of Fjällräven Vándortúra in the beautiful Lake Balaton Highlands. Get to know the itinerary and other behind-the-scenes secrets!


During your hike

There are two checkpoints each day, one during your hike and another one at the campsite.Make sure to have your Tracking Pass stamped at each checkpoint. No matter if you are young, slightly older, fast or slow, once you walk through the finish line, you will become a different person. And we will all celebrate that with a party on the last evening.

Fjällräven Vándortúra ​is an environmentally conscious event

The organizers aim to make Vándortúra as eco-friendly as possible. The participants are urged to collect garbage on their tracks, and although it is an extra load to carry, based on our experiences, everyone is taking it seriously. By the last day, a significant amount of garbage is collected from the surrounding landscape. Little by little, we make a difference. It is also expected of each participant to carry their own water bottle, cookware and cutlery.

The route

During the trek