Fjällräven Vándortúra

Dear Friends, 

based on the latest regulations and consultations with the authorities, we see that to our greatest regret, we are unable to hold this year's Vándortúra. This is at least as sad a news for us as it is for you, as we have considered it a matter of our heart to explore the most beautiful Hungarian landscapes for years, and we have been working on preparing for this year's event for months. At the same time, we look to the future with confidence, as in 2021 there will be another Fjällräven Vándortúra. Those participants who have already registered for this year's event can choose from two options:

- registration paid for this year can be carried over to next year, so those who choose this option will be able to take part in the Fjällräven Vándortúra in 2021 without any extra charge,

- the other option is to request a refund of the amount paid for registration, in which case you will get back the full amount of your deposit.

All registered participants will shortly receive an e-mail in response to which they can make their decisions.

Thank you for your understanding, let's meet in 2021! In the meantime, take care of yourself and each other!

“We´ve been on this trek for over fifty years now. Let's hope we never arrive.”

Ake Nordin
Founder of Fjällräven
1936 - 2013 

Fjällrävens Mission is to inspire more people to take a walk with nature. We do this by developing durable and functional Outdoor Equipment that never goes out of fashion. What Fjällräven really want is to make it easier for people to enjoy spending time in nature, on nature ́s term. The more time we spend in nature, the more we grow appreciation, love and respect for it.

Building on the inspiration and magic behind the Fjällräven Swedish Classic, we launched the Fjällräven Vandortura in 2014. This unique adventure not only taps into our Swedish history, but builds community and long-lasting memories for all who attend this 5-day epic journey. Travel through the Balaton surroundings, walk through wonderful winery hills, and enjoy the company of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts who are seeking to learn more about protecting our environment and enjoy nature. The journey isn’t easy, but the experience of living simply and caring for the earth during this time is unforgettable. Our goal is to inspire and enable more people to get outside while preserving and protecting nature.

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The Fjällräven hiking tour is a 5 day long special treat across the highlands of Balaton lake. With the organization of this tour we would like to bring back to life the tradition of hiking because every second spent by embracing nature and ourselves is the biggest gift we can reward ourselves with. If you are interested in hiking across Hungary grab the possibility of joining our community and take the next step forward together with us on the highlands of Balaton. Spending several nights in nature sleeping in tents is a determinative experience which enhances the body and revives the soul.
The Fjällräven hiking tour lasts 5 days. On each day the participants have to succeed on defined distanced. The hike has two base rules, the first is that everybody has to bring the equipment for him/herself and he/she must sleep in a tent during the night. The resting places will be marked in advance for everybody.
Furthermore, there is no time limit, this is not a race. Everybody can and should carry out the hike with his/her own speed. The main goal is that everybody should have a good time. 


Fjällräven Vándortúra Route

is marked and has in total 10 checkpoints which has to be visited, 5 of these are located at the campsites and 5 during the route. The participants receive a stamp at every checkpoint in their Trekking booklet provided by Fjällräven, the completion of the hike can be only considered accomplished if all of the stamps are attached in the participant’s booklet in matter.

Fjällräven Vándortúra is an environmentally conscious event

and should inspire you to stay out in nature and enjoy the beauty of Balaton Area. We want to provide as many people as possible to get into the amazing environment, having an unforgettable time out there. All organizers, partners and participants need to be responsible for the environment, thus supporting sustainable growth. 

The route

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During the trek

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