Frequently Asked Questions

About the event

Q:What is Fjällräven? 

A: Fjällräven is a Swedish term for arctic fox, besides that, an outdoor gear ​manufacturing company, our main sponsor.

More than 50 years serving nature

Ever since Fjällräven was founded just over 50 years ago, we have had one strong driving force: to develop products that make it easier for people to enjoy the countryside.
As far back as 1950 Åke Nordin developed a backpack frame that sowed the seed which would go on to become the Fjällräven company. And ever since its Örnsköldsvik beginnings in 1960, Fjällräven has continued to produce innovative, functional products which are appreciated by generations of outdoor enthusiasts across the world – and which have also received a number of distinguished awards over the years.
Fjällräven’s products are currently sold in around 20 countries. Over time, a few have become more or less classics – the Greenland Jacket, Vidda Trousers, Kånken Backpack and Expedition Down Jacket. We work continuously on developing materials, solutions and designs for new favourites – clothing, tents, sleeping bags and other outdoor equipment that can be used, loved and worn over many years of adventures out in the fresh air.

The story of this company begins in 1950 when the then 14-year-old Åke Nordin, the founder of Fjällräven, was going to a mountain tour from Örnsköldsvik (north Sweden) but was not satisfied with the backpacks that were then sold. He then decided to plan and develop equipment that is truly durable and user-friendly. In a couple of years, many innovations and improvements in the outdoor market have been developed thanks to him, such as. the idea of ​​the first double-walled tent.
Åke Nordin also considered it important that the Swedish population of the 1960s cope with the depression that caused serious social problems at that time. By organizing the first Fjällräven Classic, masses started out in nature from the four walls, offering a really simple solution to this serious social crisis.
Nowadays, Fjällräven stands for environmentally-conscious trade, the production of durable hiking equipment, and the organization of hikes to help people to return to nature. Now, not only in Sweden but also in Hungary. 
We’ll see you out there! 

Q: Is this a power hike? 

A: ​No, much more! It is a trekking experience to revive the traditions of multiple day trekking in Hungary.

Q: Why should I take part in the Fjällräven Vándortúra?

A: Every moment you can spend in nature and at the same time with yourself is a real gift. Entering into nature for several nights is such an elemental experience which not only gives you physical and spiritual, but mental rejuvenation. Not to mention that it is a huge party and a continuous sport in the best gym! You can see amazing places, scenic, protected landscapes of our country.

Q: Who else is coming to the hike?

A: You, your old and new friends. We hope we can provide a memorable summer experience to adventurous people.

Q: Will I be on TV (or other media)?

A: Yes, it is possible, recordings may be done during the event.

Q: Who can I turn to with other questions?

A: You can contact the organizers through the Vándortúra or Equinox Trekking Club Facebook pages. 

Q: Can I run the distance? 

A: Yes.The important thing is that the routes and the campsites are fixed for each day, ​but everyone can do the trek at their own pace. 

Q: Is this a competition? What does the winner get? 

A: It is not a competition. But we give all participants a little gift at completion. 


Q: Is there a installment payment option? 

A: No, we cannot provide installment payment. 

Q: Can I join the trek on the second or third day? 

A: Unfortunately, this is not possible. 

Q: How much is the registration fee? 

A: 90 000 HUF. 

The Route

During the trek