1-5. August 2022.

What is included in the registration fee?

Those who have walked the Fjällräven Vandortura knows what these five days have to offer, as the experiences of previous years are vividly memories. But, anyone who has never walked with us can’t imagine the unique serenity of the Pannonian landscape, the spectacular scenery from the top of the Wittnes Mountains, the beautiful sunsets and the atmosphere of the evening campfires, the billion-star hotel - the night's dazzling Milky Way, which hidden from the urban areas.

What is the Fjällräven Vandortura offering you for the price you are paying for the ticket on this 5-days trekking trip? We have collected in detail what this adventure officially offers in exchange for the entry fee - as we will receive much more than the items listed, but exactly how much will be revealed only to those who walk with us!

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