The Mecsek Mountains are a medium-sized mountain range located in southern Hungary, north of the city of Pécs. Its highest peak is Zengő at 682 meters, followed by Tubes at 612 meters. There are at least 20 protected plant species in Hungary that are found exclusively here. The mountain has around 2000 dolines and 100 caves, one of the longest cave is the Abaliget Cave on the shore of Lake Abaliget, which is also part of the route of our tour. The southern slopes of the Mecsek Mountains are home to the Pécs wine region, which is Hungary's warmest wine region with traditions dating back hundreds of years. The grape is even featured in the coat of arms of Baranya County.

Route of the 2023 hike

Day 1.

Váralja - Zobákpuszta

The route:

Váralja, Youth Camp - Óbánya - Kisújbánya - Réka-hut - Bodzás-valley check point - Püspökszentlászló – Zobákpuszta


17,6 km


Elevation gain: 870 m | ​Elevation loss: 711 m

Alternative route:

You have the option to take a detour on the red trail to the top of Zengő (the highest point of Mecsek mountains), where a virtual checkpoint and a dazzling view await. Choose this route if you are an experienced hiker and don't mind a steep route with a large elevation gain in a short distance. You can get an extra stamp for your Hiking pass. Verification at the top is done individually by scanning your own QR code or by taking a selfie as proof. The length of the detour is 4.3 km, the detour will add only 1 km to the normal route, but an extra 255 m elevation. Please note that there is no ribbon marking on this section!

Elevation profile

The red line is the elevation profile of the detour

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