Vándortúra TV in Classic style

Balázs Gudics, the owner of the “Bazsi Túrák” Youtube channel, created the Vándortúra TV. In a 3-part series he will cover the most beautiful parts of Fjällräven Vándortúra in the beautiful Lake Balaton Highlands. Get to know the itinerary and other behind-the-scenes secrets!

Ballázs presents a virtual tour of the last 3 days of the Vándortúra and its most beautiful stages, following the example of Fjällräven Classic TV. During the tour, you will also learn more tips and tricks about the route, the necessary equipment and its settings, and how to be prepared for a 5-day backpacking trip. Get involved!

First part: Day 3 | Csórompuszta – Köveskál

Second part: Day 4 | Köveskál – Káptalantóti

Third part: Day 5 | Káptalantóti – Cél