1-5. August 2022.

The Route

Getting to camp

The parking lot (marked with a red P) is on Petőfi street, Zánka. The route to the campsite from the parking lot is marked with the red line, but there will be flags.

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Day 1.

Zánka - Mencshely

Zánka - Hegyestű - Szentantalfa - Dörgicse - Halom-hegy - Mencshely 

Distance: 19,86 km
Total elevation: 651 m
Estimated duration: 7 hour 

Day 2

Mencshely - Csórompuszta

The second day offers two possibilities.
The first one is the shorter route with the affection of Nagyvázsony through the forest of Tálod.
The second one is the longer route, which affects the bypass of Zádorvár before arriving to Nagyvázsony. 

Short trail

Distance: 14,61 km
Total elevation: 279 m
Estimated duration: 5 h

Long trail

Distance: 25,29 km
Total elevation: 327 m
Estimated duration: 9 h

Day 3.

Csórompuszta - Köveskál

The third day offers the Király-kő of Kapolcs, the beautiful lakes of Fekete-hegy and the panorama of the mountains of Tanúhegyek standing on Eötvös Károly viewpoint
Choosing the longer way provides in addition the stone sea of Kövágóörs and the ruins of two ancient temples.  

Short trail

Distance: 13,91 km
Total elevation: 333 m
Estimated duration: 5 h

Long trail

Distance: 22 km
Total elevation: 417 m
Estimated duration: 8 h

Day 4.

Köveskál - Káptalantóti

On the fourth day the first famous spot is the stone sea of Szentbékkálla, the second is the Köves-hegy of Mindszentkálla. From the viewpoint of the mountain you can see Káptalantóti, the destination of the day.
The longer trail has two additional challenges, Hegyesd and Csobánc. The reward which awaits the claim of the hikers is the spectacular view and the exploration of the castle.

Short trail

Distance: 14,02 km
Total elevation: 290 m
Estimated duration: 5 h

Long trail

Distance: 24,2 km
Total elevation: 656 m
Estimated duration: 9 h

Day 5.

Káptalantóti - Zánka

The last day starts with the last butte, the Tóth Mountain, with a 360 degree view on top. Then walking past Salföld Farm and the Theodora spring of Kékkút, we will get to the view tower of Fülöp Mountain located above Révfülöp. From here we will walk on a forest trail back to Zánka.


Distance: 19,4 km
Total elevation: 389 m
Estimated duration: 7 hour

The Route

During the trek