Balaton Uplands

The Balaton Uplands is a plateau on the northern shore of Lake Balaton, stretching in a western-eastern direction, with two jewels: the picturesque Káli Basin situated in a former bay of the Pannonian Sea, and the stunning Tapolca Basin lined with volcanic buttes. Numerous wineries have found their home among the unique topographical formations, the stone fields, buttes, and basalt formations. From the top of the buttes and every lookout point, a breathtaking panorama opens up to the waters of Lake Balaton shimmering in the summer sun.

Although our journey will take us to other parts of Hungary in 2023, we will not forget the spectacular Balaton Uplands and the many memories and friends we made there.
We plan to return here again in 2025, in the meantime, see what the Vándortúra was like on the Balaton Uplands.

Memories from Balaton-uplands